Fresh Atlantic AS
Nygata 10 B
Tel: +47 73 52 16 50



Fresh Atlantic AS bring to the market the best quality of product in the category - being sashimi grade product for the discriminating sushi chef or the natural by products deriving from the high end products - like salmon or white fish for thre Nutriotional food segment. 

Salmon product for sashimi/sushi customer is marked under

The companies specialize in salmon products for food service and retail in customer ready, convenient ready to use presentation. We have long experience in high quality sushi/sashimi products. Our products fulfil the criteria and set a standard for the Japanese market regarding food safety, quality products and logistics requirements. These product requirements have also allowed us to develop other seafood products such as mackerel, fresh frozen codfish, baccalao and other whitefish.


Fresh Atlantic AS is one of the leading suppliers to the Asian, US and Mexican market of value added seafood. Quality is our first and utmost criteria for doing business. In Asia we have a long relationship with Japanese, Korean as well as other Southeast Asian markets. Fresh Atlantic is well known within the high quality sushi/sashimi, and has been developing business through active participation marketing of branded salmon products.

In th US and in Mexico we have a long history with first class distributor - however we conduct business on a direct basis. 

All products are branded and sold under FRESH ATLANTIC or COOL SUSHI brand.